Yvonne“Coordinating Mass Appeal concerts for MMNY was a master class in leadership and multitasking. Unlike other internships, I was not simply taking orders from a supervisor, but rather was making creative decisions, solving problems, and working at a professional level on my own. Serving as the communication hub for individuals of all different ages and backgrounds prepared me well for future jobs in event management and movie production.”
— Yvonne Liu, MMNY 2010
Chloe“MMNY is where I honed the core professional skills I use all the time in my current work, expanded my network of contacts, and developed ‘out of the box’ thinking. It is very rare for an intern to have the opportunity to lead a large-scale project like those at MMNY; the responsibility and feeling of accomplishment were empowering. Several employers have commented on how impressed they were with my accomplishments while with MMNY, particularly with the Punk Island project.”
— Chloe Anderson, MMNY 2007 & 2008


Pierre“Being part of Make Music New York put me in touch with professionals and amateurs who are passionate about (their) music. It is a wonderful experience to work on one of the few cultural and artistic experiences in the city that reaches beyond the limits of each borough or neighborhood, and truly brings people together in community.”
— Pierre Losson, MMNY 2012 & 2013
Stacey“At MMNY I learned to prepare and execute community outreach, and to think creatively in the workplace. Despite being new to the city and a bit timid, I was given real responsibility and felt like a true part of the team. Shortly after my time at MMNY ended, I was offered an internship at an artist management firm where my newfound skills not only helped me land the job, but had a large impact on my success there and each job I have had since.”
— Stacey Caserta, MMNY 2009