Featuring Some of our Favorite Venues!

One of the aspects of Make Music New York that gets us most excited is its effect on communities throughout New York.

With the opportunity to select the performers and audiences they would like to attract, host venues have the ability to put on a unique event tailored to the audiences who experience it. Venues can choose between the many artists who have registered to perform at Make Music New York 2018 to engage their neighborhoods as they see fit.

Why is this possible with Make Music New York? Our network of partnerships with artists across all five boroughs is available to host venues, and vice versa!

Our mission is to allow musicians of any genre, skill-level, or demographic to perform – we hope to sign up diverse and cool venues so that each artist and venue partnership can reach the audiences they hope to reach.

If you’re wondering how to register as a performer or as a venue, look no further than the “register” tab on the main menu of our website, makemusicny.org!

We wanted to feature a few of the coolest types of venues from previous Make Music New York festivals to show the different kinds of locations that have participated. Maybe one of these venues will spark the inspiration to host your own performance for Make Music New York 2018!

Uptown Grand Central Community Plaza

Grand Central Community Plaza Performance

One of our favorite venues for both summer and winter festivals, the Uptown Grand Central Community plaza has hosted a multitude of events from the Ella Fitzgerald Piano Bar to the Solstice Soul train. Uptown under the Metro North train tracks, this plaza is a shining example of a community space that brings East-Harlemites (and other New Yorkers!) together in celebration of Music.

Community plaza shows are awesome simply because they take place in public spaces where communities live and interact on a day to day basis. New York has so many wonderful open spaces throughout the city, and we’d love nothing more than to fill each one up with performances on Make Music day.


Battery Park

Moving downtown, Battery Park has played host to several unique programs. One such notable program from 2017 was the Mp3 Experiment Number Fourteen produced by Improv Everywhere in partnership with Make Music New York.

The Mp3 Experiments are free, open-to-the-public participatory audio adventures where attendees carry out secret instructions in public spaces, often to hilarious results! Experiment Number Fourteen featured the use of Boomwhackers – lightweight percussion tubes tuned to musical pitches. The park provides a wonderful open atmosphere as well as access to audiences beyond those attending for Make Music New York. Random passers-by get to experience the performances as well!


New York Public Libraries

Libraries are a perennial fixture in the Make Music New York lineup. So much so, that you can expect a more detailed post about Library venue options coming soon! Libraries represent havens of support for the arts, and their goals and missions align closely with ours. We have programs at libraries throughout the five boroughs, and your neighborhood library is likely involved!

And if it isn’t, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your local library host performances as well? If you have a library in mind, reach out to them (or us!) and see if it’s something they’d be willing to do! Previous shows include the Improvisational Composer’s Ensemble at NYPL – Tompkins Square, Thunder and Sunshine at NYPL – Jerome Park, and Echoes of Antiquity at BPL – Borough Park.


Greene Street, between Grand & Broome

Some of the most exciting shows at Make Music New York are the ones that seem to spring up from the city itself! Concertos for Buildings takes over an entire Soho block as hollow, cast-iron facades serve as resonant instruments for performing percussionists. This recurring program has expanded over the years to feature multiple concertos from a variety of performers, ranging from professionals to students.

The street corner literally serves as a vehicle for music – in a city that at many times feels as if it’s a part of its music, Concertos for Buildings makes that metaphor a reality!


Remember, if you’re a musician looking for a place to play – or if you have a garden, restaurant, sidewalk, or other outdoor space and want to host a show – you can sign up and find the perfect match for your Make Music New York concert. It’s easy and it’s free!

Have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!