Feature Profile – FMLY Fest / McKibben Park

FMLY is a collective of artists, musicians, organizers, friends and good-spirited collaborators from around the country (and the world) who come together to turn big ideas into big happenings.

Started loosely in Los Angeles around 2008, FMLY has twice presented its annual FMLY Fest there, as well as numerous concerts, festivals, and art happenings throughout the country. Foremost, FMLY is about artistic possibility.

FMLY Fest 2012 runs for three days and nights, June 21-23 at various Bushwick locations, with the first day as part of Make Music New York, at McKibben Park. The day will feature four Brooklyn acts (Alaskas, Human Resources, Max Alper, Cuddle Formation), two rappers from LA (Verbs & Alpha MC, and the NYC debut of Nova-Scotia outfit, Sea Glasses.

The goal is to bring together loosely-connected artists and musicians around a common goal, larger than any that could be accomplished alone. Noah Klein, founder/originator of the FMLY name: “every single person playing this show has gone to great lengths to build community in their neighborhood, or has offered some kind of positive vehicle for collaboration.”

While living in Berlin in 2010, Klein experienced Fete de la Musique firsthand. “It was an organic and natural part of the way people experience life in Berlin, where music is something to be celebrated in all places and at all times, not only in venues and conventional spaces, but in the streets, with neighbors and strangers.”

“Everyday can be a festival; make music wherever you want to be or can be. Bushwick is a pretty perfect place to accentuate that idea.” It’s an idea that has Klein fielding emails from around the country, with requests to start FMLY Fests in new cities in the future. The concert June 21st will also include panel discussions and participants will join in the on-site construction of a geodesic dome.

He and a few associates will be hitting the road this summer via school bus, running from New York to L.A., dotting their route with FMLY events across the country. “Just by presenting these kinds of ideas of what is possible, other people can become empowered to explore those possibilities as well.”

“Make Music is one of the reasons I feel lucky to be in this city, and it’s such a radically awesome and different experience; we’re really excited to be a part.”

FMLY Fest 2012 runs June 21-23 at various Bushwick locations, its first day presented at McKibben Park, as part of Make Music New York.

Watch the brand-new FMLY Fest 2012 trailer here.

FMLY Fest Day 1 | McKibben Park,  McKibben St. + White St. | 2pm-8pm (music 4-8pm) | fmlyfest.tumblr.com