Make Music New York presents Sound of the City

It’s that time of season where we like to feature each of our Special Projects so that you, the Make Music New York community, can have a better understanding of the many great ways to enjoy our music celebrations this coming Thursday, June 21st! Look for regular blog posts outlining events across neighborhoods and boroughs, featuring amazing and engaging musicians from the New York area.
This week, our man Petrit chats with Airbnb concerts rep Wayne Price and host Ron Jean-Gilles about the upcoming partnership between Make Music New York and Airbnb Concerts!
Petrit Pula: Hello Wayne! We’re really happy to partner with Airbnb Concerts for the very first time this June 21st! Can you tell us a little about your mission at Airbnb Concerts and how it intersects with Make Music New York? 
Wayne: Thanks, Petrit! Pleasure to be part of MMNY with Ron’s concert, Sound of the City. Ron as a host is the perfect example of our mission with Airbnb Concerts, which is to create live music experiences that are cozy, intimate and hosted by a human being with a unique POV.
Think of an amazing dinner party, except with music as the conduit for connection, instead of food. Unless of course if the host prefers to bring some food to the table (pun intended), which is part of Ron’s value proposition as host. Unlike other platforms that support intimate concerts, we don’t have a one size fits all model. We’re here to support the host’s creative vision. Many of our hosts are artists themselves, and as such, being a part of the largest one day music festival in New York City makes a ton of sense for us. We’d love NYC’s vibrant live music scene to consider hosting concerts in a unique Airbnb venue.
PP: Great! Can anyone sign up and host a concert?
Wayne: Yes! All potential hosts will be vetted for quality, which is super important to us. If you think you have a concert concept that audiences would want to experience, submit it here:
PP: Hi Ron! As the Airbnb Concerts host, what can we expect from the event you’ve planned on June 21st at Nublu? 
Ron: Greetings Petrit! For the 21st and for every concert event that I host the number one priority is to bring joy to the people who come and spend time with us. Usually that happens if the vibe that is set (how they are greeted, what stories you tell, the food they eat..etc..) and the music that is played are right.
The most important thing is the music – that is why I work with the artists that I do. Their music brings me joy and I think others would benefit from that also. Thank you and see you soon!
PP: Very cool! We’re excited to have you part of MMNY this summer solstice!
For more info on Airbnb Concerts and the June 21st MMNY show, grab a program guide or visit