Make Music Winter 2016 in the NY Times!

We want to take a moment and thank all of the artists and participants in the 6th Annual Make Music Winter celebration yesterday, and point everyone to the great write-up in the New York Times!

The day-long festivities began with the triumphant return of Christopher Herbert’s Winterize to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in front of a record breaking crowd.

The maiden voyages of Off The Afrobeaten Path, African Echoes and Parranda de Inverno were each joyous affairs enjoyed by countless thousands throughout Manhattan and the Brooklyn waterfront.

Now classic MM Winter events Bell By Bell, Cycles, The Gaits, Kalimbascope, Prelude, and Pilgrimage all blazed new paths for themselves around Manhattan to the delight of participants and observers alike!

Decantations brought meditative wonder to Red Hook and the Melrose Parranda lifted spirits up in the Bronx.

The day ended with a huge crowd of dancers, singers and musicians as part of Flatfoot Flatbush, parading up and down Make Music’s hood on Flatbush Avenue, landing at Rose’s Bar & Grill for a seriously fun afterparty.

Whether 2016 was a great year or a great challenge, the rollercoaster is pulling into the station, and Make Music Winter was a truly special way for so many to celebrate the winter’s start, and signal the year’s end.

All the best from all of us at MMNY and see you in June!!!