You, Henry Brant, and 50 fellow flutists

Mass Appeal Flutes, MMNY 2011: Photo by Darial Sneed
Mass Appeal Flutes, MMNY 2011: Photo by Darial Sneed

… or more than 50!

Flutists of all ages, levels, and backgrounds are invited to join MMNY’s Flute Mass Appeal featuring Henry Brant’s Mass in Gregorian Chant for Multiple Flutes (“Mass for June 16”).

Presented by Americas Society, this event will bring together flute players from all over NYC and beyond for two full performances of Henry Brant’s masterwork, in Central Park, on the 30th anniversary of the piece’s premiere. The Mass is scored for as many flutists as possible, with approximately a fifth doubling on piccolo, all playing material provided in the Graduale Romanum for masses sung on June 16.

Born in Montreal 101 years ago, Henry Brant was a leading modern proponent of music for spatially distributed forces; he was keenly interested in Gregorian chant, and the frequently antiphonal nature of its performance in the acoustically resonant cathedrals of Europe spurred his own interest in spatial components.

These MMNY performances will take place in Central Park’s resonant Dalehead Arch (64th St. and West Drive), at 5 and 6 PM on Saturday, June 21st.

Flutists are required to attend at least two evening rehearsals on June 9, 11, 14, and 17 at 7 PM (location TBD) and the Dress Rehearsal on June 19th at 7 PM in Central Park.

A recording by the New York Flute Club is available (on Spotify) here.

Sign up below, and join us on June 21st!