Dear Music Maker,

Thank you for participating in the 13th Annual Make Music New York on Friday, June 21st! Read on for important information about your performance(s)…

Stay Informed
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Production Logistics
This week is a good time to verify your production logistics with your host venue or performing artists. Remember that it is up the artists and venues to confirm set times, power requirements and other special needs. Determine if your venue can still host your concert if there is inclement weather on June 21st by changing your set time on the fly or by moving your concert indoors. Also, consider coordinating with other musicians that may be playing at the same venue regarding sharing equipment, etc.

Rain Plans
June 21st will be a beautify day! But if the weather is inclement, be sure to have a rain plan with your performing Artist or host Venue. It could be as simple as adjusting the starting time of your concert until the weather clears, if possible. Or you may be able to move the performance indoors if your venue is a shop, restaurant or cafe; just open the windows so that the sounds reach the streets. If you must outright cancel your concert due to the weather, please send an update to so that we can update our online listings accordingly.

Sound Permits for Amplified Concerts
If you are performing a concert with amplified sound, you will receive an email from us that includes a scanned copy of your sound permit, along with the additional instructions included below. It takes a while for us to procure these permits from individual NYPD precincts across the city, so thanks for your patience; these are sometimes sent out as late as the week of the festival.

Be sure to print out a copy of the permit, bring it with you to your outdoor performance venue and, if possible, post it by taping it to your amp. If it is not practical to post it, do have it handy in the event a NYPD officer stops by during your performance and asks if you have a sound permit. The permit grants you official permission to perform with amplified sound, but you should still use common sense throughout your performance.

  • Please DO NOT perform at an unnecessarily loud volume level; perform only as loudly as needed to entertain your fans in the immediate area.
  • Please DO follow any instructions you receive from a NYPD officer and treat our friends from the department respectfully at all times.
  • Please DO clean up after yourself when your performance has ended.

Park Permits for Performances in NYC Public Parks
If you are performing in a NYC public park, you will receive an email from us that includes a scanned copy of your special event permit, along with the additional instructions included below.  Note that performances in community gardens do not require this permit.

Be sure to print out a copy of the permit, bring it with you to your outdoor performance venue and have it with you during your performance. Our city parks are an amazing resource for all to enjoy and performing in them is a special opportunity that comes with certain responsibilities.

  • Please DO NOT drive a vehicle into the park; sell products within the park; display commercial signage or bring unneeded equipment or materials into the parr; or perform at an unnecessarily loud volume level.
  • Please DO follow any instructions you receive from Parks personnel and treat our Parks colleagues respectfully; use common sense; and clean up after yourself.

Promote Your Concert
Print out a poster by clicking HERE to display from your performance space. Write or type in Artist name(s) and set time(s) in the blank space provided. When displaying posters, do not place on any public property (traffic signs, bus shelters, trees and mailboxes), or otherwise distribute materials in a manner which violates the law.

This is also a good time to double check that your profile information is entered as you would like it to appear in the festival’s online web listings!

Link up with Make Music New York’s social media platforms to share blogs, updates and photos of your performance, and always use the tags #makemusicny and #makemusidcday on any content you upload to your accounts on Facebook, Instgram and Twitter:

Following Your Performance
After your concert, please send a quick email to us at that includes:

  • Your favorite photo of the concert.
  • Your best estimate as to how many fellow New Yorkers enjoyed your performance.
  • Any ideas on how to improve future Make Music New York festivals.

Most Importantly: Have Fun!
You are part of a very special day that celebrates music, NYC musicians and the amazing city that we share.  Make the most of it.  Make new fans. Make friends. And most importantly, Make Music!