Mass Appeal
Bring your instrument and join one of 18 massive concerts!

Mass Appeal is back for a seventh year, bringing together hundreds of musicians to play pieces written for single types of instruments. From the rusty harmonica player to the professional cellist, all are welcome to join these epic events, all taking place outdoors on June 21st.

MMNY 2015 features eighteen Mass Appeals, open to all.

feat14_ma_sponsor_namm sponsor_mptfThanks to our partnerships with the NAMM Foundation and the Music Performance Trust Fund, Mass Appeal events are spreading all over the country, with over 100 gatherings for harmonica, ukulele, guitar, and percussion and more on Make Music Day!

We gratefully acknowledge all of our national Mass Appeal partners:

Calling All Musicians


Carroll Park, Carroll St & Court St, Brooklyn
01:00 PM – 07:00 PM (Mass Appeal starts at 6pm)

Accordions Photo

For the fourth year in a row, NYC accordionists convene for an all-accordion performance of “In C” (1964) by Terry Riley to celebrate the composer’s 80th birthday! This seminal minimalist work is comprised of 53 short melodic patterns, or cells, played in sequence. Individual players have the freedom to choose how many times to repeat each cell, resulting in spontaneous moments of unison and haunting counterpoint. Come early to hear solo, duo, and accordion quartet performances by several New York accordionists. The Mass Appeal begins at 6pm.

How to Join: Contact Robert at


Broom Tree Gallery & Garden, 27-20 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria
02:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Cellos Photo

Cellists of all ages and levels are invited to come to Astoria to play and explore music without beginning or end – music based upon an ostinato, or ground bass, which is how composers represent infinity in musical terms. We will be playing music from the 13th century to the present day – including works by Machaut, Monteverdi, Rameau, Purcell, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Britten and pieces written for the event. James Jacobs, who led the Mass Appeal Cellos in 2009, 2010 and 2012, will be back to lead this year’s event. (Here are two video clips from past events.) There will also be a cello event earlier that day at Astoria First Presbyterian Church – a Cello Congregation. The performance will be at 4pm with a rehearsal at 2pm and a short break in between.

How to Join: Email James at

49 Waltzes

10 sites throughout the five boroughs
Meet up at 12:58pm for Waltz 16 (Broad St & Stone St), and at 8:31pm for Waltz 43 (Jane Street btw Greenwich & Washington)

49 Waltzes Photo

John Cage’s 1977 Ode to New York City invites anyone and everyone to share what they hear at 147 sites (49 groups of 3) throughout the five boroughs. Avant Media has built as an ongoing city-wide installation highlighting these chance-determined locations. On June 21, we will attempt to document sounds at all 147 addresses, and we need your help! Anyone with a smartphone, audio recorder, or camera can take part by visiting a site, uploading a field recording, and sharing the link with us. We will be updating the website throughout the day giving a worldwide audience a glimpse into the city on the summer solstice.

How to Join: Everyone is welcome to take part: explorers, field recorders, listeners, musicians, non-musicians, and video artists. The piece encourages exploration and as-is documentation. Sites can be documented throughout the day, and there will be two large group meetups to celebrate the day and make multi-angle recordings: first at Broad St and Stone St at solar noon (12:58 PM) the second on Jane Street as the sun sets on the longest day of the year.


Prospect Park: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

Gongs Photo

MSFS Gong Ensemble returns to Make Music NY in 2015! Exciting additions this year will feature Carroll Music’s 4 octave set of Tuned Thai Nipple Gongs. The gong has strong magical powers and is said to heal sickness and banish demons from the body. Assembling under the Arch at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn at noon, an improvised meditative performance will bring happiness and strength for the performers and audience.

How to Join: Please contact Lorne Watson at A one hour rehearsal will be scheduled the week of the performance.

This event is sponsored by Loop 2.4.3, Music Starts From Silence, and Carroll Music Instrument Rental. This concert is presented with the Prospect Park Alliance.


Union Square, South Plaza at 14th St.
04:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Guitars Photo

Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation and NYC Guitar School host this free, live, epic ensemble of guitarists open to players of all ages, styles, and skill-levels.

Festivities kick off at 4:00pm with practice sessions, and special on-site-only giveaways by Martin Guitar, Ernie Ball Strings, and Tech 21!

The play-along jam at 5:30pm will be lead by Laura B. Whitmore (Editor of Acoustic Nation/ Founder of Women’s International Music Network), Jay Moran of VH1, NYC artist DORIT, NYC Guitar School directors and more! Songs will include “All of Me” (John Legend), “Bubbly” Colbie Caillat, “Blank Space” (Taylor Swift), “Cruise” (Florida Georgia Line), “Go Your Own Way” (Fleetwood Mac), “Stay With Me” (Sam Smith), “You Might Think” (The Cars), and “Sweet Home Alabama” (Lynyrd Skynyrd).

How to Join: Bring your guitar and play and sing along! We are sending an invitation to the world at large to come and play guitar with us. For more information, please click here. Tell your sister, tell your brother, tell your cousin, tell your granny!


Central Park: Great Hill Oval, enter at W 104th St and Central Park West
04:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Harmonicas Photo

This year, Hohner is once again donating harmonicas to Make Music Day events across the country for a national day of harmonica playing on June 21st! Here in New York, the Mass Appeal Harmonicas will be led by harmonica virtuoso Jia-Yi He (featured on “America’s Got Talent”). Jia-Yi welcomes kids, teenagers, adults, seniors and whole families for a free harmonica lesson in Central Park. A mini-introductory seminar will teach you to quickly read music and to play by ear: sheet music indicating hole numbers will be ready for newcomers. You’ll be able to play simple melodies in just 40 minutes.

How to Join: The first 100 participants will receive a FREE HARMONICA, courtesy of Hohner! Please email with any questions, or to suggest a few pieces to be added to the program!


601 Lexington Ave at E. 53rd St
02:30 PM – 03:30 PM

Horns Photo

Professionals, amateurs, and students: Join us as we celebrate Make Music New York in a bustling Midtown location! The French Horn Nation is an amicable aggregation of conical bore brass instruments, performing music from classical to jazz and beyond! Help us build our mass for this Mass Appeal event!

How to Join: Contact Linda Blacken at


ConEd Farragut Station, Plymouth between Gold St & Bridge St, DUMBO, Brooklyn
08:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Humming Photo

Participants gather near the ConEd Farragut in DUMBO to join in a large group hum-a-long. We will use the transformers of the ConEd power station as a drone to create a vibrating, meditative environment while the sun sets over the East River. The event necessitates no musical knowledge, just the ability to hum or sing!

How to Join: A score by John P. Hastings will be included for those who have some musical training and would like to extend the sound of the drone. More information can be found at and the score can be downloaded here.

Indian Percussion

Central Park Dairy Lawn, enter at W 59th St & 6th Ave
02:00 PM – 03:30 PM

Indian Percussion Photo

South Asian percussionists of all ages, styles, and skill levels are invited to join this epic Indian Classical drum circle as part of the Ragas Live: Summer Solstice of Indian Music, presented by HarmoNYom and WKCR 89.9 FM-NY in collaboration with Navatman, Taalim School, Brooklyn Raga Massive, and NYC Radio Live. The event will start with a mini-introductory session at 1:30pm by the Taalim School of Indian Music on the basics of tabla (North Indian hand drums) and taal (Indian rhythmic cycles). From 2:00pm – 3:30pm, a collective of Indian classical music organizations from New York come together for a massive group drum circle.

How to Join: Help us build our mass for the first ever South Asian drum – Mass Appeal event at Make Music New York! Bring your Indian Classical percussion instrument and join the drum circle. All ages and playing levels welcome! For more information, contact Heena at


IFP Media Center, 30 John St, DUMBO, Brooklyn
02:00 PM – 06:00 PM

littleBits Photo

Conducting with flashcards and hand signs, Hans Tammen has worked with large ensembles using electronic instruments for over a decade. As part of this year’s Make Music New York he will work with an ensemble of littleBits synthesizer players. The littleBits are tiny synthesizer modules connected via magnets for quick changes in the signal chain, fitting into the littleBits modular system for infinite combinations of audio experience. We are looking for about 20 players to take part in the workshop and performance – you do not need to bring a kit because littleBits provides us with 20 kits to create a massive piece of synthesizer music! The workshop is at 2:00pm to get familiar with the synth and learn the piece, with a performance at 5:00pm. You MUST do the workshop to take part in the performance. And bring friends: workshop and performance are free, and open to the public, of course! See videos from last year’s Mass Appeal performances here and here. Learn more about the synth at

How to Join: To join, contact Hans Tammen for more details and to register (we need to know how many people will show up!):


Theodore Roosevelt Park, Columbus Ave & W. 81st St
01:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Mandolins Photo

The The New York Mandolin Orchestra (now celebrating its 91st year!) leads the fourth annual Mandolin Mass Appeal. Our group features Mandolins, Mandolas, and Mandocellos, rounded out with support from flute, guitar, cello, bass, contrabass balalaika, and concertina. We will be playing a diverse program including compositions by Lennon/McCartney, Bach, Piazzolla, and W.C. Handy. The event will be led by Jeffrey Ellenberger, conductor of the New York Mandolin Orchestra.

How to Join: Email


Cornelia Street, between Bleecker and W. 4th
05:30 PM – 07:00 PM

Saxophones Photo

Play the saxophone, or want to get started? Join us for a free evening of sax sounds, sample reed products courtesy of D’Addario Woodwinds, helpful playing hints, improvisation, and performance! Led by award-winning saxophone artists, Project Fusion, we’ll explore parts of the instrument, best practices, and more. The evening’s activities will culminate in a group performance of an improvisational composition by saxophonist and composer, Erin Rogers.

How to Join: Sign up using this form; direct any questions to


Louis Valentino, Jr. Park, Red Hook, Brooklyn
10:30 AM – 11:30AM

Stones Photo

Christian Wolff’s seminal piece “Stones”, part of the Prose Collection (1968-1971), will be activated by a group of performers with support from the general public. The simple text score utilizes stones in a variety of fashions to create sound. The public is invited to bring small stones with them to help in performing. We will meet by the pier at Valentino Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Children are warmly invited to join in, but as Christian Wolff notes in the score, do not break anything! The first 30 minutes will be for people to make noise and try out ideas and for the second 30 minutes we’ll all join together in sounding the score. Feel free to come earlier as well.

How to Join: For more information email Download the score here.


FDR Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island
04:30 PM – 06:00 PM

Theremins Photo

Mass Appeal Theremin invites all theremin players to come together to play a new piece by Alexa Dexa. This event is sponsored by Moog and will feature their new Theremini. Audience members will have an opportunity to interact with these mysterious electronic instruments after the performance.

How to Join: Contact Dave at


Worth Square (next to Madison Square Park), Broadway and W. 25th St
03:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Ukuleles Photo

Sing and play along with Makalina Gallagher, one of NYC’s finest uke players and organizer of the NYC Ukulele MeetUp group. Thanks to Alfred Music and Kala, participants will receive copies of It’s Ukulele Time and useful uke accessories!

How to Join: Bring your Ukulele to play along!

Violins: Klezmer

Joe’s Pub block party, Astor Place between Broadway & Lafayette
03:00 PM – 03:45 PM

Violins: Klezmer Photo

Calling all violinists! Have you ever wanted to explore the world of klezmer? This summer you’ll have a chance to get your feet wet in the genre by playing with an acknowledged master of the form in a Mass Appeal for Klezmer Violins, led by Alicia Svigals. Svigals has written a suite of tunes that will take players and listeners on a tour of the basic klezmer forms: horas, bulgars, freylekhs, and more. Playing the piece will start you on the path to the secrets of an authentic Yiddish playing style – the timbres and rhythmic feel, the modes and dance beats, slides, trills and krekhzn that make a violinist sound like a bona fide klezmer.

How to Join: Sign up using this form; direct any questions to

Voice: Bach and Sons

Cornelia Street, between Bleecker and W. 4th St
04:00 PM – 05:30 PM

Voice: Bach and Sons Photo

This year on Fathers Day we’ll celebrate one of music’s most famous dads – J.S. Bach. Bach’s choral music is widely known and loved, but less known is the beautiful music of his accomplished sons: J.C., C.P.E., and W.F. Bach. We’ll sing a variety of selections from a variety of Bachs, conducted by Thomas McCargar.

How to Join: Sign up to sing using this form. Download the sheet music here.

Voice: Circlesongs

Central Park: Dalehead Arch, at 64th St & West Dr
12:00 PM – 02:30 PM

Voice: Circlesongs Photo

Everyone can sing! Come and ride the wave of this fun, empowering and inspirational journey through improvised, a cappella, Circlesongs! Inspire, create, and connect with Circlesongs, an improvised vocal ensemble that can sound like Jazz, Gospel, Classical, R&B, Rock, Gregorian Chant, African, and more. Everyone is invited to bring their imaginations and voices to build this community of generosity and trust through song. Workshop will run 12:00pm – 1:15pm, performance will run 1:30pm – 2:30pm.

How to Join: For more information, email Deborah Latz.