Thursday, June 21, 2018

Offerings and Songs to the Solstice Sun

Anne Loftus Playground in Fort Tryon Park from 5pm until 7pm

Join IRKA MATEO, ‘Goddess of the Hurricane,’ Neo-Dominican singer / songwriter and folklorist for a Taino Summer Solstice ceremonial event. Offerings and Songs to the Solstice Sun will feature performances, offering, and a Dominican accordion folk music concert incorporating Indigenous, African and European instruments and music traditions. Beginning with a procession performance, a free recreation of the St. John the Baptist Popular Religion Celebrations and the Taino indigenous solstice myth, using character masks, will lead to an altar created to honor the Taino chiefs and St. John the Baptist and Spiritual leader Liborio Mateo. A traditional call and response song will accompany the procession showcasing Afro-Dominican drums. Participants can bring offerings of fruits, sweets and peanuts to place at the altar. Irka will end the procession with an indigenous call of the four directions and a ritual performance depicting the creation of a Veve [“vay-vay”], a Taino solstice ritual design, drawn on the ground with strewn cornmeal and showcasing Taino drums. Irka and her Folk Quartet and Guests will end this celebration with a lively concert showcasing accordion folk music played in the southwest of the island to worship St John the Baptist and the sun in celebration of the energy and life it gives to all of us day after day.

Organized by IgniVox Productions.