Sunday, June 18, 2017

Punk Island

Sunday, June 18 from 10:00am-6:00pm The 10th Annual Punk Island Randall’s Island Punk Island (P.I.) is a collective of artists, curators, musicians and educators whose goal is to bring the vitality, diversity and intensity of the NYC punk scene into the light of day. We are a community of punks who love music, musicians and the fans, friends and family that participate throughout the year to keep our culture true to the lives we want to live. For more information and the very latest updates visit Join us in celebrating all things punk at our new venue: the Harlem River Picnic Area, Randall’s Island. The all-day festival features seven micro-curated stages with over 80 bands including:
Almost Aimless Alouth American Lions American Pinup Another Astronaut Arson Welles Backyard Superheroes Beach Craft Bonanza Behind Deadlines Behind The Facade Bowhead But, Pyrite Caldor Kids Cherry Pop Choked Up Clitorium Cottontail Damn Broads Dark Moon Apache Deadname Deche Dirty Junk Disposable Dry Clean Only Ellen & the Degenerates Exit 17 Fat Chance Field Goal Firestarter For Lack Of A Term Gibbons Groupie In Circles Jigsaw Youth KNUCKLËHEAD Lady Bizness Little Prince Lizrd Women Mr. Bighead My Own Confusion NCM
Necrotic Society Neighborhood Shit Nerves End No Nothing Plank Raise the Kicks Random Ideas Ratas En Zelo Rebelmatic Ruby Bones SAD Samantha Scarboro Shirime SHUT UP Sick Shit Sister Munch Sketchy Skum City Snatch Attack Stay Inside Stuck Lucky Swinging Riot The Avoiders The Chased The Hannas The Ingroans the jukebox romantics The Loneliers The Nightmare Police The Orgonauts The Shook Ones The Shooting Gallery The Silverhounds There Are Four Lights Thundera Tonya Harding Toys in Trouble Transrectifier Trashy Wonder Muff