Thursday, June 21, 2018


The Well-Tempered Clavier at the 9/11 Memorial plaza from 5-8pm

In 1742, composer J.S. Bach completed the second volume of the Well-Tempered Clavier (know among pianists simply as “the WTC), a compendium of forty-eight preludes and fugues in every major and minor key. The music is beautiful, and runs the gamut of Baroque styles, from lively music to stately French overtures to thick counterpoint.

As part of Make Music New York’s 11th annual music holiday, four grand pianos will be placed on the corners of the 9/11 Memorial plaza to allow for three continuous hours of performances by a rotating cast of dozens of pianists of all skill levels.

Performers: Rosemary Caviglia, Maralene Downs, Anna Vinnitsky, Yi Chang, Alfredo Garcia, Jr., Daniel Sacks, Kingsley Matthew, Rosalia Malik, Austin Celestin, Sophia Rodriguez, Melody Fader, Jeff Bao, Anastasia Stefanou, Rosemary Steffen, Christopher Johnson, Leslie Frost, Yunus Hokkaci, Vadim Ghin, Azalea Kelley, Emily White, Barbara Podgurski, Jack Polo, Irene Tse, Mintra Rungruengsorakarn, Caleb Carman, Brian McCorkle, Steven Boyce, Sam Finard, Lara Saldanha, Amelia Wieland, Ethan Liang, Joan Forsyth, Emily Tong, Blair McMillen, Eileen Buck, Monica Meng-chieh Liu, Liam Kaplan, Kathy Chen, Elijah Ballew, Charles Koder, Dovie Currin, Joseph Jordan, Arthur You, Beatriz Roman, Mia Cheung, Qian Shen, Nate Sassoon, Yukiko Kubo, Lawrence Lan, Zachary Detrick

Presented in partnership with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Generously supported by PianoPiano