Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mozart’s Requiem

Midsummer Mozart’s Requiem at 180 Greenwich Street, 9/11 Memorial Plaza from 12-1:30pm

The Music and Art Department of the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), home of the Downtown Chorus and Downtown Symphony, in collaboration with producer Melissa Gerstein, partner with Make Music New York at noon on June 21 at the 9/11 Memorial plaza to present one of Mozart’s great musical masterpieces (and also his last), Requiem in d minor, K. 626.  Singers and instrumentalists from around New York are invited to join us and conductor Douglas Anderson to celebrate the Summer Solstice by participating in this special performance of Mozart’s profound and solemn work.

On June 21, as part of Make Music New York’s 12th annual celebration, the Mozart Requiem will be performed at the 9/11 Memorial plaza in an open outdoor performance.  The gathering of singers and instrumentalists will begin at 12 noon with an introduction and notes from conductor and composer (and Borough of Manhattan Community College Professor) Douglas Anderson.  Maestro Anderson will conduct the performance of the entire Requiem beginning at 12:30 pm. The performance will conclude at approximately 1:30 pm.  Vocalists and instrumentalists are invited to bring their own scores and parts to participate. Music is available online for download and some copies will be on hand during the performance.

Below there is information about how to sign up, how to find PDFs of the music, how to practice the vocal parts with online help, how to attend a rehearsal, and what to do on the day of the performance (June 21).

To register to partipate as vocalist
Visit our Eventbrite listing for a “ticket” with your voice part or instrument at: Sing Mozart. If you have questions, please email us at

Warmup/read through rehearsals:
Prior to the performance there will be both a vocal rehearsal and an instrumental rehearsal at the nearby Borough of Manhattan Community College for those who wish to read through the Requiem prior to the performance.  Details of the rehearsals will be announced shortly.   Attendance at the rehearsal is not mandatory; singers and instrumentalists are welcome to come only to the open performance.

Saturday, June 16

Choral read-through rehearsal
10:00 am-12:30 pm at 245 Greenwich Street (Fiterman Hall of BMCC).  The rehearsal will be held in Room F325.  Everyone should bring their own music.  You must sign up ahead of time to gain admission to the building.

Instrumental read-through rehearsal
3-5:30 pm at 245 Greenwich Street (Fiterman Hall of BMCC).  The rehearsal will be held in Room F326.  Everyone should bring their own music.  You must sign up ahead of time to gain admission to the building.

Vocal scores
To find vocal scores, any edition (of the Sussmayer standard version!) will suffice.  To download one, go to either:,_KV_626_(Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart)#Vocal_scores and choose vocal score, or go to: and scroll down to where it shows ‘Sheet Music’, click on the ‘Vocal scores’ tab, and choose a score.

Please look at the score before you download, the printing and clarity varies widely, as do the languages of the accompanying notes.  We will be singing in the original Latin, which all scores have.

Instrumental parts
To find the instrumental parts for this performance of Mozart’s Requiem, go to with this link:

Scroll down to where it shows ‘Sheet Music’, click on the ‘Parts’ tab, and (this is really important) go to the second set of parts (Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, n.d.(ca.1890) ), click on the list of instruments, select the part you need, and print out the PDF of the part.

Instrumentalists who play instruments that are not included in Mozart’s orchestra are also invited; they will have to choose a part appropriate to their instrument and adapt (transpose, etc.) it so it will work in the performance.

To Practice the vocal parts on your own
Visit Cyberbass!  at

Remember, the tempos for this performance may vary from what’s online.

Please note
All performers are responsible for bringing their own music. (We may have extra scores and parts, but we anticipate a large turnout, so bring your own music)

Bring your own music stands!

Be prepared to stand for the performance, both instrumentalists and vocalists.  Seating will be very limited, and is only necessary for a small number of the instruments (i.e., ‘cellos).

All participants are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather, and hydrate appropriately.

Gathering time is 12 noon on June 21, in the Memorial Park between the fountains.  After greetings and announcements, the performance will begin at 12:30 pm.