Thursday, June 21, 2018

Punk Island

11thAnnual Punk Island on Randall’s Island at the Harlem River Picnic Area
On the special date of Saturday, June 23rd from 10:00am-8:00pm

Punk Island (P.I.) is a collective of artists, curators, musicians and educators whose goal is to bring the vitality, diversity and intensity of the NYC punk scene into the light of day. We are a community of punks who love music, musicians and the fans, friends and family that participate throughout the year to keep our culture true to the lives we want to live. For more information and the very latest updates visit

Featuring performances by:
A Day Without Love, Aimless Again, Alexa 666, All New Episode, Alouth, American Pinup, Answering Machine, Arson Welles, Baby Got Backtalk, Behind The Façade, Big Band, Big Cheese, Bluntworks, Choked Up, Cold Wrecks, Danger Sluts, Desert Sharks, Dirty Bandaid, Disposable, Dog Breath, Dunning Kruger, Enziguri, Eskrofula, Fat Chance, Field Goal, For Lack Of A Term, Go Big, Hair Bag, Hekla, The Holophonics, Hood Rats, Hopeless Otis, I Against Eye, The Jukebox Romantics, Jump For The Sails, Lady Bizness, Left in the Attic, The Loneliers, The Lot, Maafa, Mary Todd, Mean Siders, megaweapon., My Own Confussion, NCM, Necrotic Society, Nevva, Nihiloceros, Nine of Swords, No Use For A Tribute, The Pandemics, Passive Aggressive, Pre K Dropout, Productive Member, The Raddigan Brothers, The Road Sodas, Ronx, Seppuku Pistols, Shakeout, Shut Up!, Sister Munch, Spandex, Stay Inside, Swinging Riot, Synapses Firing, The Windermeres, Top Nachos, Torpedoes, Transrectifier, Trash Boy, Trashy, Treads, The Troublemaker, True Dreams, Universe Ignore Her, The Upfux, Winterwolf, Witch Slap, Younger than Neil and more.

Stages curated by:

  • All We Got! Records
  • Basement Dwellers
  • Brooklyn Transcore
  • Hoosatron
  • Taking Back Queens