Thursday, June 21, 2018


The Well-Tempered Clavier at the 9/11 Memorial plaza from 5-8pm
Back for its second season! In 1742, composer J.S. Bach completed the second volume of the Well-Tempered Clavier(known as “the WTC”), a compendium of forty-eight preludes and fugues in every major and minor key. The music is beautiful, and runs the gamut of Baroque styles, from lively to stately French overtures to thick counterpoint. To celebrate the 12th annual music holiday, four grand pianos will be placed on the corners of the 9/11 Memorial plaza to allow for three continuous hours of performances by a rotating cast of dozens of pianists of all skill levels.

To participate and play your favorite prelude, please email Jenny.

This season’s program includes performances by:

Piano A:
Book I, C Major
Samuel Fisher

Book I, c minor (prelude)
Jefrey Moises

Book I, c minor, and A-flat Major (prelude)
Jack Polo

Book I, C# Major
Zachary Detrick

Book I, c# minor
Steven Boyce

Book I, d minor
Ashley Jiang

Book I, e-flat minor, and Book II, C# Major
Barbara Podgurski

Book I, e minor
Kingsley Matthews

Book I, F Major
Renee Wang

Book I, F# Major
Arthur You

Book I, A-flat Major
Anastasia Stefanou

Book I, c minor, g# minor, F# Major, d minor, E-flat Major
Melody Fader

Book I, B-flat Major
Luca Gierlinger

Book I, b minor
Joseph Jordan

Book I, c minor
Ethan Liang

Piano B:
Book II, C Major, c minor, F# Major, f# minor, B-flat Major, b-flat minor
Birgit Mazerath

Book II, G Major
Irene Tse

Book I, c minor
Kayla Kaushansky

Book I, C# Major
Austin Celestin

Book I, c# minor
Jianhua Zhang

Book I, d minor
MyungJin Oh

Book II, D Major, f# minor
Blair McMillen

Book II, d minor and c minor
Sophie Moon

Book II, d minor
Vivienne Fleischer

Book I, e minor
François Nezwazky

Book I, B-flat Major
Leslie Sung

Book II, b-flat minor
Olivia D’Amato

Book I, C# Major
Beatriz Roman



Presented in partnership with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.
Generously supported by PianoPiano.







And earlier in the day from the 9/11 emorial plaza, don’t miss:

Mass Appeal Mozart’s at 180 Greenwich Street from 12-1:30pm

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the Music and Art Department of the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), home of the Downtown Chorus and Downtown Symphony, partner with Make Music New York at on June 21 to present one of Mozart’s great musical masterpieces, and also his last: Requiem in D ​minor, K. 626​. Singers and instrumentalists are invited to join in celebration of thesummer solstice with this open-call performance of Mozart’s profound and solemn work. The gathering of participating musicians begins at 12 noon withan introduction and notes from conductor, composer and BMCC Professor Douglas Anderson, who will conduct the performance beginning at 12:30pm. Fore more information on how to participate, visit Mozart.