Partering with Community Gardens

We are proud to partner with many different communities and organizations throughout the five boroughs. The more diverse the groups we partner with, the more people we can engage with on Make Music Day (June 21st – mark your calendars!), and the better we can make real our mission of celebrating music with the people of New York City.

One such community is GreenThumb Community Gardens. GreenThumb supports over 550 gardens throughout the five boroughs. They put on workshops that provide supplies to garderes, as well as teach gardeners anything from basics to advanced farming techniques. Some gardens are meant as a social and open space, others are small farms as oases in the city, and many are a combination of both!

Community gardens share a vision with Make Music New York, in that they believe in bringing together communities, relaxation, and believing in individuals to be the backbone of their program of all ages and backgrounds to share their passions.

Perform in a community garden

We have dozens of community gardens signed up as venues each season – these gardens are perfect for singer-songwriters, acoustic acts, chamber groups, and even bands! In this more intimate setting, surround yourself with green space as you bring music to your community in a unique way.

From GreenThumbs: “Music in the gardens can be the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors and other organizations! Visit to find a list of gardens that will be participating.”

Sound like your cup of tea? Once you’ve visited to see the list of gardens, register here to perform in your local community garden!