Merche Blasco Blink

Blink gathers the city’s seasoned and casual cyclists to perform a new piece for bicycle bells by composer Merche Blasco. Riders travel through Prospect Park, following a score transmitted from the lead bike via a special helmet pre-programmed with lights that cue bicycle bells of different pitches. Through the piece, riders will collaborate with each other and generate music that interacts with the soundscape of the area. (Bicycle bells will be distributed to participants at the beginning of the parade.)

Watch a video from the 2013 Blink premiere. (Camera work by Rafael Salazar, Omar Zúñiga, Martin Bravo; audio by Ava Wiland; edited by Merche Blasco.)


Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn), 4:30pm

Bridle Trail in Prospect Park, 5:30pm

How to Join
Bring your bicycle!

Trained as a Telecommunications Engineer, Merche Blasco developed in parallel to her studies a more creative path related to sound, video, installation and performance. As an electronic music performer she has participated & collaborated with artists including Chicks on Speed, Cristian Vogel and Lucy Orta, establishing a strong relationship between different mediums of artistic expression and her own musical direction. She has presented her performance work at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Mapping Festival (Geneva), Sonic Art Circuits (Washington) and the Queens Museum of Art, and her sound installations in CCCB (Barcelona) and Harvestworks (NYC). Merche recently graduated from the MPS Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where she is now a resident researcher, focusing on interactive design for exhibitions and new tools for electronic music performance.