Patrick Grant Tilted Axes – Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Composer and producer Patrick Grant creates and leads a procession with dozens of electric guitarists through the East Village, with a special stop at The Alamo, the iconic Astor Place sculpture commonly referred to as The Cube. In 2014, The Alamo will be moved from its current location to another part of the plaza. To observe this occurrence, Grant introduces new repertoire that evokes the iconic guitar music that has scored sub-genre Wild West cinema. The event will be a moving, polyphonic sound cloud layered in compelling, electric rhythms to honor the season’s axial tilt.

Click here to join & here to download musical materials for the procession.

Sponsored by Peppergreen MediaSpectrum NYC, Discover Guitar, Pignose AmpsD’Addario Strings, The Music Building, Strings by Aurora, and Korg.

Watch a video from the 2012 Tilted Axes. (Video by I Care If You Listen.)

Spectrum NYC, 121 Ludlow Street, 3:00pm

Spectrum NYC, 5:00pm

How to Join
The public is invited to join in with light hand percussion. Interested guitarists should email tiltednyc2013 (at) to secure a space in the procession.

Patrick Grant is a composer and performer living in New York City. His works are a synthesis of classical, popular, and world musical styles that have found place in concert halls, film, theater, dance, and visual media over three continents. Over the last three decades, his music has moved from post-punk and classically bent post-minimal styles, through Balinese-inspired gamelan and microtonality, to ambient, electronic soundscapes involving many layers of acoustic and electronically amplified instruments. Throughout its evolution, his music has consistently contained a "...a driving and rather harsh energy redolent of rock, as well as a clean sense of melodicism...intricate cross-rhythms rarely let up..." Known as a producer and co-producer of live musical events, he has presented many concerts of his own and other composers. He is the creator of International Strange Music Day (August 24) and the pioneer of the electric guitar procession.

Participating musicians listed here.