Bell by Bell | Tom Peyton 

Artist Tom Peyton distributes 70 color-coded bells to the crowd, one color per note. At the front of the parade, a team of conductors waves corresponding colored flags to lead the group in slowly moving music, written by a variety of composers. When the conductors raise their red and green flags, everyone with red and green bells start ringing, and so on for each color, creating a sonorous, atmospheric soundscape in the Harry Potter-esque thoroughfare known as Sixth ½ Avenue.

With bell music from Eric Beach, Dan Edinberg (The Stepkids), Nat Evans, Eric Frederic, Amy Garapic, Robert HonsteinMatt Marble, Tom Peyton and Alex Waterman.

Video and audio from Bell by Bell 2013 (video by Clara Inés Schuhmacher):

Listen to live recordings from past Bell by Bell parades:

W. 55th Street and 6½ Ave, 5:00pm

W. 43rd Street and Broadway, 6:30pm

How to Join
Just show up with your hands free!

A musician and urban geographer, Tom Peyton is captivated by the unintentional, immersive soundscapes created through the everyday functioning of cities. His work builds upon existing aural experiences through physical, percussive engagement with the built environment. In addition to composing urban interventions, Tom is also a touring drummer and founding member of DoTank:Brooklyn and Nuit Blanche New York.