Wheels | Nissim Schaul

Wheels gathers seasoned and casual cyclists to perform a new piece for bicycle bells by composer Nissim Schaul.

Riders will travel in groups through Prospect Park, following a score transmitted from the lead bike using a special helmet embedded with lights (created by Merche Blasco), which cues bicycle bells of different pitches. The groups will come together and split up along the park’s southern bike paths, performing music that is at once stand-alone and complementary, creating concentric circles of sound and echo.

Bicycle bells will be distributed to the first 50 participants at the beginning of the parade. Bring a screwdriver to attach yours!

The performance will conclude with a finale at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, where participants will be treated to a complimentary hot chocolate.

Produced in association with the Prospect Park Alliance.

Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn), 4:00pm

Lakeside in Prospect Park, 5:30pm

How to Join
Bring your bicycle (and a screwdriver, to attach your bell.)

Nissim Schaul is a Paris-based American composer with a penchant for unusual sonorities and ancient and unconventional instruments. He also has a thing for urban transportation networks, and has become an avid bike rider: for the past few years, his main way of getting around Paris has been the local rental bike program, Vélib’. Nissim’s compositions revolve around notational flexibility and embracing the hazards of live performance. The New York Times has called his work “spare and whispered, with a dissonant but compelling edge that keeps you fascinated.” His music has been heard all around New York and Paris, throughout the US, and internationally, and has been performed by QNG-Quartet New Generation, Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Ensemble Sillages, and Ensemble Interface. The Baroque ensemble Flying Forms recorded his music for Baroque instruments on the recently released album, New Music for Old Instruments. When not composing, Nissim is learning to play the vielle à roue (French hurdy-gurdy), just for fun.

The Prospect Park Alliance is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 that partners with the City of New York to ensure the ongoing care and long-term stewardship of Prospect Park. The Alliance preserves the natural environment, restores historic design, and provides public programs and amenities for the Park, which receives more than 10 million visits each year.