Make Music Winter: December 21, 2016

Kalimbascope | J.C. King

Created by composer J.C. King, this parade of the inviting sounds of the kalimba (an evolution of the African mbira) will embark upon a mile long walk of Lower Manhattan, coming to rest in the resonant chambers and archways of 1 Centre Street. The plucking of this handheld folk instrument is amplified by a rolling speaker, creating a gentle, reverberating soundscape as the sounds play off of buildings and other city structures. This will be the third annual Kalimbascope, having premiered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2014. All are encouraged to bring their own kalimbas (kalimbas will be available for the first 25 participants to borrow). Of course you can always walk right up, or sign up here to ensure your kalimba and in case of any last minute updates on this exciting event! Meet-up: 4:00 pm, City Hall Park, Jacob Mould Fountain
Watch a video of Kalimbascope 2014:
City Hall Park, Jacob Mould Fountain, 4:32 pm

1 Centre Street, 5:32pm

How to Join
Bring a kalimba (thumb piano), chimes or hand bells tuned to Db. Kalimbas will be available for the first 25 participants to borrow.

Composer J.C. King's mutations of conceptual songwriting are focused in creating intimate public experiences that foster a shared memory of the magical and absurd. His recent works include Bells/Door (public participatory concert), collaborations with choreographer Mira Cook and abstract folk theater project AAware. With long time torch song ensemble Hello Lovers on hiatus, Mr. King is currently training, preparing and performing music in new directions.King-575x776


Make Music Winter illustrations by Adam McCauley