Make Music Winter: December 21, 2016

Parranda de Inverno| FogoAzul NYC

This new event features the all-women drumline FogoAzul NYC. To the beat of a diverse array of jubilant Brazilian sounds, the public is invited to samba through midtown Manhattan in a parade of rhythm and dance! Participants are encouraged to bring their Brazilian percussion instruments, or simply look, listen, and walk with this vibrant ensemble. The drumline will make its way around Midtown Manhattan, passing through 46th Street’s Little Brazil and the festive plazas along the Avenue of the Americas. Off course you can always walk right up, or sign up here to let us know in advance and in case there are any updates on this exciting event! 14468359_650531165122694_7954635752363862889_o
Rockefeller Plaza (btwn. 49th-50th Streets), 5:00pm


How to Join
BYOP! Bring your own percussion to join the action!

FogoAzul NYC (formerly known as Batala NYC) is an all women’s Brazilian drumline who have spent years making a name for themselves in the local music community. That local presence has afforded the band roles in movies, opening for sporting events, and the opportunity to play alongside artists like Lorde and the Rolling Stones.