Click above to view the complete 2018 Make Music New York schedule of concerts.

On June 21st, the summer solstice and longest day of the year, NYC musicians of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels will be empowered to perform from over 400 outdoor, public spaces in a celebration of music like no other. Over its eleven year history, Make Music New York has grown to become NYC’s largest one-day collection of free concerts, all thanks to you and your participation!

If you want to share your passion for music, jam with your friends, make new fans and perform outdoors as part of a festival featuring over 5,000 fellow musicians, just click on the button above to sign up as a performer. And if you want to energize your local business, library, park, community garden or other shared social spaces in your neighborhood, click above to register as a host venue.

Join in the fun and Make Music!